In case you are in Dubai for a company of for enjoyment you need to find a minimum of one day for a fantastic visit to the close by the Musandam Peninsula, the location where the Hajar Mountains throw on their own in the Strait of Hormuz making wonderful panoramas which will point out to you the Norwegian fjords. Book musandam tour package from Dubai with Musandam Travel.

Divided from the rest of Oman, this magnificent land appears to an area completely unfriendly but, as an alternative, it’s been lived on for 1000’s of years and only not too long ago it’s obtaining common as a tourist attraction which you could appreciate the effective great thing about Nature and authentic Bedouin traditions.

The Musandam Peninsula is an exclave of Oman in the United Arab Emirates and it is among the eleven Oman governorates, whose capital is Khasab, that is found in the north area of the peninsula and it signifies the primary harbor from where boat journeys to uncover Omani Fjords start. Online you will discover numerous local travel agencies that arrange the common Dhow trip one of the Omani Fjords, we find the Dolphin Khasab Tours since it most of the that provided an afternoon cruise ( departure from Khasab at 1 PM and return at 4.30 PM ) at a total price of AED 300 ( € 80 ).

Can you really get to the Musandam Peninsula by car? Yes, unquestionably. In the event, you lease a car in Dubai or in anywhere in the United Arab Emirates you need to talk your purpose to visit Oman to the leasing agency in order that it can provide you with all the obligatory documents to enter in Oman and it may ask you for AED 100 for insurance reasons. Assolutamente sì. Khasab is 196 a long way from Dubai, a nearly 3 hours drive to which you have to add a stop for ticket regulates at Al Darah / Tibet to enter in Oman. We had been fortunate and the procedure just required us Fifteen minutes, such as the payment of AED 64,26 to leave from UAE and of other AED 100 to enter in Oman.

As soon as in Oman you’ll instantly end up on the highway which leads to Khasab bestowing 50 kilometers of incredible bays, harbors, mosques, forts, and beaches. Regardless of a powerful mist avoided us from fully experiencing the sights, we’re able to perceive the good thing about the scenery.

Across the street you are able to quit for a go swimming in one of the sandy beaches looking over the Strait of Hormuz, or for social trips at Bukha Fort o at Tawi to visit the rock carvings, but one of the most stunning situations are the moments of daily life: a harbor with wooden boats or a football match on the beach taking place in an almost unique setting.